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Regular maintenance is the most important part of any landscaping project. Your property requires seasonal lawn care services in Newtown, CT and surrounding areas. We monitor your plantings’ health as they mature. We are an all-inclusive company that can handle any of your lawn care requirements.

At Roots to Shoots, we offer a complete program of maintenance services including lawn mowing, fertilizer programs, mulching, trimming, pruning, de-thatching and aeration, spring and fall cleanup, and rejuvenation pruning. We care for trees, shrubs, orchards, and use organic tick controls

organic lawn care newtown ct

We only use organic lawn care methods.

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add commercial or residential mowing to your lawn care program newtown ct
Any proper lawn care program includes regular commercial & residential mowing. We offer customized contracts that fit your needs, or call as you see fit.
organic tree care newtown ct
The death or damage of your trees and shrubs can be time-consuming and costly to repair. Enroll in a regular tree & shrub program.

lawn care and gardening newtown ct
Add beauty to your property with a lush, colorful garden. Our garden service ensures your flowers & plants remain healthy and vibrant.
seasonal flower color change service newtown ct
Our seasonal flower color change service keeps healthy, vibrant flowers in prime locations for that "WOW!" factor.

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lawn mowing newtown ct

Thank you for considering Roots to Shoots in your journey to a more beautiful, vigorous, healthy, and safe environment for you, your family, and pets. Call us any time!
- Starlet A Braden, Owner

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Starlet A. Braden is a licensed arborist and horticulturalist serving western and southern Connecticut. She offers premiere landscaping and gardening services to the Newtown, Danbury, and nearby areas. Contact us for a free evaluation of your lawn and garden maintenance needs.